Best Medical Aid for Single Moms in South Africa

Nothing can compare to a mother’s love for her child. When it comes to a child’s health, a mother will do anything to make sure her child is well looked after.

Unfortunately, medical care is expensive and often designed for two-parent families. Single mothers want the best for their children but often can’t afford it.

Various medical aid companies in South Africa are slowly evolving to cater for non-traditional families. Although these plans are not widely available yet, some affordable options are available for single moms and their kids.

This article looks at the important benefits that should be included in single-parent healthcare plans. Read more to explore the benefits and plans from different companies that offer the best medical aid for single moms in South Africa.


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What Should Medical Aid Plans for Single Moms Include?

Being a single parent can cause a lot of stress. A good medical aid plan should be able to alleviate your worries and provide cover for your family’s needs.

Day-to-Day Benefits

Young children tend to pick up a lot of unexpected illnesses, such as tummy bugs and colds. For this reason, it is good to have medical aid that provides day-to-day benefits like GP visits and over-the-counter medications.

Hospital Cover

Hospital cover is also an important medical aid inclusion. With energetic kids riding bikes and climbing trees, broken bones and other accidents often occur when you can least afford it. On an entry-level medical aid plan you may be limited to hospitals in the company’s network, but this is a small inconvenience when you consider the expenses covered for you.

If your family has no chronic illnesses or medical conditions, you could choose to have only a hospital plan instead of comprehensive medical aid.

Special Benefits

You should also keep in mind the specific needs your family might have. Some medical aid schemes cover children with chronic conditions or offer special benefits for babies.

While worrying about your kids, you should remember to take care of your own health too. If you can afford it, life insurance for a single mom is also a good policy to have.


Medical Aid: Best Companies for Single Moms

The top medical aid schemes in South Africa offer high-quality medical care for people of all ages. They also have some plans that provide affordable healthcare for single mothers and their children.

Note: All prices mentioned are those listed on the companies’ websites for 2021/22.


Discovery’s KeyCare Series is one of the most affordable medical aid options that provides a good range of in-hospital and day-to-day benefits. If you choose the KeyCare Series option, you can only use Discovery’s specified network of GPs and hospitals. However, you and your children get unlimited hospital cover and GP consultations.

The KeyCare series has three plans to choose from, namely Core, Start, and Plus. These plans provide the same type of coverage but to different extents. Prices are around R1 000 per month for the main member and an additional R300 to R600 per child.

The KeyCare Series also includes maternity and early childhood care services. Cancer and chronic conditions are covered according to Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) of the Medical Scheme Act.



Bonitas’ BonCap is an income-based plan with coverage that is determined by the amount you can afford to pay. Monthly contributions for the lowest income bracket in this medical aid scheme is about R1 200 for the main member and R600 for every child.

You and your children will receive unlimited hospital and GP coverage at Bonitas’ network hospitals and doctors if you choose this plan. Apart from yearly flu vaccinations, there are no special child and maternity benefits.

Over-the-counter medication, x-rays, and specialist consultations are covered up to a limited amount. Chronic conditions have unlimited PMB cover.


The FlexiFED 2 plan from Fedhealth is specifically designed for parents with young children. However, at R1 900 per month, it is the most expensive option on this list.

Unlimited GP visits are covered at Fedhealth’s network doctors. You also get unlimited cover at network hospitals for hospital admissions and visits from specialists.

Children’s immunisations are covered from birth up to 12 years old. You and your children can also get one free flu vaccination per year. For chronic diseases on the Chronic Disease List (CDL), you will get unlimited coverage.



KeyHealth’s Essence plan provides medical aid for single moms and their children who don’t need a lot of day-to-day benefits. This plan is on the pricier side, at R1 600 per month for the main member and an additional R600 per child.

You will get unlimited hospital cover at KeyHealth’s network hospitals if you choose this plan. In-hospital services, such as x-rays and pathology, also have unlimited cover. However, any out-of-hospital doctor visits, medications, and services only have Prescribed Minimum Benefits coverage.

Chronic diseases that are part of the CDL have unlimited cover on this plan. Some preventative benefits are included free of charge as part of their Health Booster benefit. These include baby immunisations, flu vaccines, and a dental checkup.


The Ingwe option from Momentum is the cheapest medical aid plan on this list. It is an entry-level plan with day-to-day and in-hospital benefits. This option is designed for students and first-time earners, but it can suffice for single mothers who can’t afford other plans.

For around R500 per month, you can get unlimited GP visits to doctors on the Ingwe Primary Care Network list. Two specialist consultations per year is also covered for the whole family. You will get hospital coverage at any private hospital of your choice.

Baby immunisations, flu vaccines, and chronic medication on the CDL are covered as part of the Ingwe plan. Members can take part in the Multiply rewards programme, which includes various benefits. When you and your family take steps towards a healthier lifestyle, you can get certain discounts at pre-selected stores.


Final Thoughts on Healthcare for Single Moms

Being a single mother is a tough job. You want to give your kids all the best things in life, but sometimes your financial situation can make this hard. Having medical aid plays an important part in keeping your family happy and healthy.

Luckily, there are medical aid schemes in South Africa that provide high-quality healthcare and consider the needs of various family structures. Find the best plan for your family to keep you from over-worrying about their health and simply focus on loving them.


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