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    Who is Budget Insurance?

    Budget Insurance is an international insurance company that has served the South African public for just over a decade. Budget Insurance understands that life in South Africa can be expensive, and it’s not getting any cheaper. But they also understand that everyone needs to have some sort of insurance backing them up. They strive to provide affordable insurance, so cheap, ‘you can’t afford not to!

    Not only is Budget Insurance available in South Africa, but it is also available internationally. You can get Budget Insurance in Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Although Budget Insurance offers some of the cheapest and most affordable insurance policies, here are some factors that affect car insurance rates in South Africa.

    Budget Insurance Product Offerings

    Budget Insurance South Africa offers many different insurance policies, from car insurance to cellphone insurance, and everything in between. No matter what your budget is, they have something that is affordable for everyone. Budget Insurance prides themselves in offering their customers the following:

    •  World-class systems
    • Efficient call centre assistance
    • Benefits designed to complement their insurance packages
    • High on value, low on premiums insurance
    • Sound cover and insurance advice
    • Fully functional online policy management systems

    For more information on the different types of insurance and terminology, read this article.

    Other Budget Insurance Product Offerings

    Not only does Budget Insurance offer to cover you when it comes to your car, but they also have you covered in almost every other aspect of your life. Budget Insurance also offers the following insurance policies and benefits to their customers.

    • Home Contents Insurance
    • Building Insurance
    • Motorcycle Insurance
    • Off-Road 4×4 Insurance
    • Caravan Insurance
    • Business Insurance
    • Legal Cover
    • Life Insurance
    • Funeral Plan
    • Portable Possessions
    • Cellphone Insurance
    • Value Added Products

    Budget Car Insurance

    Car insurance is an absolute must-have. Not only does it protect you from the implications of damage that you may cause, but it covers you in situations that are also completely out of your control.

    If you have ever considered cancelling your car insurance, here is why you shouldn’t. Instead, try out Budget Insurance for cheaper, more affordable insurance packages to keep you safe and secure on the roads. On top of choosing Budget Insurance, here are some more tips on how to lower your monthly car insurance premiums.

    Whether you take out Third-Party, Fire and Theft, Comprehensive Vehicle, Motorcycle, 4×4, Building or Home Contents Insurance, you’ll receive much more. There are many handy Assist Benefits, which include the following:

    •  Home Assist
    • Road Assist
    • Trauma Assist
    • Medical Assist
    • Legal Assist
    • Entertainment Assist

    Other add-on options that you can choose when applying for Budget Car Insurance are Scratch & Dent, Tyre & Rim Guard, Auto Top-Up and Motor Warranty. Budget Insurance offers affordable car insurance for everyone. Here are the different options to choose from.

    Types of Car Insurance

    Comprehensive Car Insurance: If you are wanting to sign up for the full package when it comes to car insurance, this is the plan for you. Covering more risks than any other type of auto insurance, Budget Insurance’s Comprehensive Car Insurance covers everything including theft and hijacking, loss, accidental damage and third-party damage. Comprehensive Car Insurance comes with the following: Towing & Storing, Assist Benefits and Cash Back Bonus option.

    Third-Party, Fire & Theft: It doesn’t matter whether you are involved in an accident that you caused, an emergency situation involving fire, or even if you become a victim of theft and hijacking. Budget Insurance will cover you in all three aspects: third-party damage, fire and/or theft.

    Third-Party, Fire & Theft Car Insurance comes with the following:

    • Third-Party Damage Cover,
    • Fire Cover,
    • Theft Cover
    • and Cash Back Bonus option

    Third-Party Only: If you are only really concerned about the costs that come with causing accidental damage to another vehicle, the Budget Insurance’s Third-Party Only Car Insurance is the plan for you. This is the most basic of the plans offered.

    Third-Party Only Car Insurance comes with Third-Party Damage Cover and Cash Back Bonus option.

    Budget Lite: Budget Lite Car Insurance was designed for customers with even the smallest of budgets. This plan covers cars that are worth R100,000 or less, and have been fully paid off. In the case of third-party damage, Budget Lite offers cover of up to R1 million.

    There are 3 different Budget Lite options to choose from, depending on your budget and what works for you.

    Budget Lite Car Insurance comes with the following:

    • Theft & Hijacking Cover options,
    • Towing & Storage Cover options
    • and Cash Back Bonus option.

    BetterCar Value: The BetterCar Value Insurance plan offers you the same as Comprehensive Car Insurance, as well as the option to have your car replaced if it is written off. Not only will it be replaced, but you will be able to get the same model and make, with even better mileage.

    Budget Insurance Pros & Cons

    Old Mutual has a longstanding history with both positives and negatives being well documented in this time. Below are just some examples of the pros and cons of Old Mutual. 

    Many different included benefitsThe cancellation process isn’t the easiest
    Opportunity for a Cash Back BonusPossibility of being debited early
    Bundle options to help you save money Customer claims being rejected

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