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    Why You Need Business Insurance

    All businesses – big and small – should have insurance. From big offices to tiny corner shops, and even the salon running from home, there is an insurance type for all companies.

    Having insurance for your business means that you, your company, and any staff that you employ are covered should something unexpected happen. It gives you the freedom to focus on building your business, without suffering sleepless nights worry about the future.

    Types of Business Insurance

    Take a look at which of the following car insurance types best fits your needs.

    Property Insurance

    You should insure your business property against fire, other accidental damage. It usually covers equipment, signage, and other inventory.

    Workers Compensation

    This insurance is taken out per staff member, and covers death/disability in the workplace. Ensuring that the employees family is taken care of.

    Key Person

    This type of insurance is taken out on key persons in the company. From owner to CEO and other top-level employees, they are covered should something happen to them.

    Vehicle Insurance

    If a company has vehicles owned specifically for business use, they should be insured. They are most likely driven by multiple employees and often drive further and more often than a private car.

    Public Liability

    This insurance will cover the company against any claims made by a third party for damages/injuries caused by by employees or on business premises. This is mandatory insurance for any business.

    Business Interruption

    If your business production time is disrupted due to a catastrophe, etc., this insurance will keep you afloat while you are not operational. It will cover employees salaries and other important expenses.

    Business Insurance FAQs

    How do I get insurance for my small business?

    To get insurance for your small business, request a quote above. An insurance broker will contact you and take you through the process. They will need to ask you questions about your business to determine what insurance you need, and how much you should cover your business for.

    What is public liability insurance in South Africa?

    Public liability insurance covers any and all fees that are payable by your business. From injuries and incidents that happen on your business premises to accidents caused by members of your business. This means that should a business vehicle get into an accident, or a client visiting your business slips and injures themselves, you are covered with public liability insurance.

    What insurance do I need to start a business?

    The most important insurance to have when first starting out is:

    • Public Liability
    • Credit Risk
    • Key Person

    These types of insurance will cover you for the most important issues. However, once you grow and hire staff, or purchase company vehicles, etc., you should relook your insurance options.

    What does business insurance cover?

    Business insurance can cover anything from the building that your business runs from to the money that your business makes every month. This will, of course, depend on the type of business insurance you take out.

    Is it mandatory to have business insurance in South Africa?

    There are certain insurance types that any business owner is required, by law, to obtain. These include:

    • UIF: the Unemployment Insurance Fund is for every employee that works for a business. Although this usually comes out of the employees’ wages, business owners must make sure that it is paid to the correct channels.
    • Workmans Compensation: This covers anyone working for the business against death or disability occurring in the workplace.
    • Public Liability: As mentioned above, this cover businesses against claims by any third party.
    Do I need business insurance if I work from home?

    If you have clients or customers coming to your home for business reasons, you should absolutely have public liability insurance. If you employ staff or own any business assets you should also have insurance that will cover those should anything happen. It is also important to note that most home insurance doesn’t cover your property in the same way that business insurance does. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get insurance that will cover your equipment, etc. as well.

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