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Car Insurance Comparison

Whether you pricing insurance for a recent vehicle purchase or you are unhappy with your current insurer, comparing car insurance quotes is always a wise thing to do. Newer, more expensive cars can cost you greatly with insurance premiums, and so getting the best possible price is important.
When you are comparing our online car insurance quotes, remember that your premiums will depend on factors such as your age, the car’s age and size, and the frequency and distance you will be driving.

Who Needs Car Insurance

If you own a car, you need to get motor insurance. Each car needs its own policy, so if you have 2 different cars in your name, both of them must ben covered separately. If you are not the person driving the car, you need to make sure that the insurance policy covers the driver of the vehicle.
Once you do have insurance on your car, ensure that your insurance provider continues to monitor the value of your car each year. This will, in turn, affect the premiums as well as the amount you are covered. Usually, the value of the car will decrease and so will your premiums.

Types of Car Insurance

Take a look at which of the following car insurance types best fits your needs.

Comprehensive cover

Cover third-party damages, fire and theft, as well as damages to your own car.

Third Party, Fire & Theft

Get cover for any third-party damages, as well as fire damage, and theft of your vehicle.

Third Party Only

This only covers damages and injuries caused by you to any third party car, pedestrian or property.

Best Car Insurance Providers in South Africa

Car Insurance FAQs

Why do I need fire and theft insurance?

Hijacking statistics are extremely high in South Africa, and they are increasing. Having fire and theft insurance will help make sure you are not in any financial trouble should you fall victim to theft, or should your car be damaged in a fire.

What is third-party insurance?

Third-party insurance covers damage caused by you to third-party vehicles or property. It also usually covers injuries that you cause – in your car – to pedestrians or other drivers.

Do you need car insurance in South Africa?

It is not compulsory to have any car insurance in South Africa, unlike most other countries around the world. It is, however, the responsible thing to do and will help you have peace of mind when driving.

Can my parents pay for my insurance?

If the car is registered in your name, and you are the principal driver, your parents can add you to their insurance policy, but the insurance company needs to know that you are the regular driver.

Will I have to pay an excess amount if I have insurance?

Most insurance companies will only cover part of any damage costs. It’s best to discuss excess amounts before signing up for any policy.

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