CBD Oil For Pets South Africa (Reviews for Cats & Dogs)

CBD Oil is known for its benefits for humans but did you know it’s also good for pets? Since they are a part of the family, making their lives better makes our lives better.

Seeing pets suffer is unbearable but there are solutions available. There are many cat and dog food options that can help with your pet’s anxiety as well as physical problems, but these can be expensive.

A great way to make sure your pets get the best care possible is with pet insurance and a little bit of CBD oil. CBD oil is a natural way to decrease anxiety, ease pain and improve your pet’s quality of life.

What is CBD Pet Oil?

CBD or cannabidiol oil is made from cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound found with the cannabis plant. CBD oil goes through the body’s endocannabinoid system and is absorbed through cannabinoid receptors, reducing pain and relaxing the body.

Even though sometimes it might feel like it, your pets aren’t actually human. This means that they need their own CBD oil. Pets can be very sensitive and thus need much smaller dosages than humans.

The potency of the oil is determined by the amount of CBD included in the oil. This is measured in mg and it’s the number you want to look out for. According to the specifications set out by the South African government, 20 mg is the maximum CBD dosage for dogs and other pets.

A lot of CBD oils are classified as ‘For Pets’ but if you read a little further they might specify that the oils are only for cats and dogs. While giving your other pets a little CBD oil won’t kill them, it’s definitely good to run it by your vet first.

For the purpose of this article, we’ve sorted the oils available into cats, dogs, both and for all pets (as far as we could find out).


Best CBD Oil For Dogs, Cats and Other Fur Babies

CBD oil is available in most pharmacies and health shops in South Africa, but if you’re looking for an oil specially made for pets it’s best to look online. There are many pet CBD oil specialists that know just the right ingredients for your pets.

Cannabuddy 300mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets

Cannabuddy full-spectrum CBD oil for pets is extracted from medicinal hemp plants with less than 0,001% of THC. This tiny percentage won’t produce any psychoactive effects but is still enough to stimulate the Entourage Effect.

The Entourage Effect describes the therapeutic benefits of taking multiple cannabinoids together. While CBD alone is powerful medicine, multiple cannabinoids can help dogs with more severe conditions such as Canine Hip Dysplasia and other inflammatory diseases.

Mix it into their wet food or simply drop it under your pet’s tongue. It can be taken as needed or as a daily supplement to improve your dog’s overall health and quality of life.

Faithful to Nature CBD Oil

Faithful to Nature stock a variety of CBD oils on their website. They cater mainly for cats and dogs and offer CBD treats for dogs as well as oils and pastilles. They can be a little bit more expensive than the supplier so make sure you check you’re getting the best price.


CBD Oil For Dogs and Cats:

Vondi’s Pet CBD Oil 50mg: R405.00

AfricanPure CBD Oil Pets 300mg: R600.00

CBD Oil For Dogs:

Vondi’s CBD dog treats (1mg per biscuit): R128.00

Cibapet Canine CBD oil pastilles (3.2mg per pastille): R645.00

Cibapet Canine CBD oil 200-400mg/10ml: R540.00/R795.00

CBD Oil For Cats:

Cipabet Feline CBD pastilles (1.3mg per pastille): R565.00

Cibapet Feline CBD oil 200-400mg/10ml: R540.00/R795.00

AfricanPure CBD Oil

AfricanPure offers CBD oils as well as CBD edibles on their website. Their CBD oil works well for both cats and dogs but their edibles are meant just for dogs. Their tasty CBD oils help to keep teeth strong while also assisting with joints and muscles or skin and coat.


For Cats and Dogs:

Pets CBD oil 300mg/30ml: R345.00

For Dogs:

Pets Muscle and Joint Chews 60mg: R345

Pets Skin and Coat Chews 60mg: R295.00

While you can buy AfricanPure products elsewhere, the cheapest place is from the source.

Leaflabs CBD Pet Products

Leaflabs creates oils for all sorts of ailments. They make some of the best organic CBD oil for dogs. It’s their lowest dosage oil and is perfect for anxious pets. Their oil can also be used to treat hair loss, itching and allergic reactions.

It comes with an easy drop applicator. You can either put a drop of oil under your pet’s tongue or mix it in with their food. They recommend you use 1 drop per kg of pet’s weight (no more than 25 drops) up to twice a day.

You can also apply the oil onto your pet’s fur. Their pet drops are great for spot-treating itchy areas, it can also be applied to wounds caused by excessive scratching, biting or licking.


CBD oil for pets 300mg/30ml: R699.00

Leaflabs products are available on their website.

Organica Pet CBD Products

Organica stocks a variety of Cibapet CBD products for dogs and cats on their website. Cibapet specialises in CBD for pets. They mix CBD with tasty fish oil to entice your pet. Their pastilles are filled with vitamins and minerals as well as CBD. They offer full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs and cats.


For Dogs

Cibapet CBD oil pastilles (3.2mg per pastille): R644.95

Cibapet dog CBD oil 200mg/10ml: R539.95

Cibapet dog CBD oil 400mg/10ml: R895.00

For Cats

Cibapet CBD oil pastilles (1.3mg per pastille): R564.95

Cibapet cat CBD oil 200mg/10ml: R539.95

Cibapet cat CBD oil 400mg/10ml: R794.95

CannaChi CBD Hemp Oil (For Dogs and Other Large Animals)

CannaChi offers CBD oil made from only the best hemp plants. Their oil is made of natural organic ingredients just for your pet. The oil is designed for large animals. It’s a safe and effective way to help your pet live their best life.


For Cats and Dogs

Pet CBD Hemp Oil 125mg/20ml: R360.00

Pure CBD Oil- CBD Store

The CBD Store has a variety of pet oils available on their website. They offer quality CBD oils for dogs, cats and even horses. You’ll be able to find AfricanPure, Cibapet and Select in their online store. They’ll also give you R50 off your first order.

Their selection is great because they offer a spray that you can easily use on pet food or administer orally. Select sells oil for pets that come in a variety of flavours. You can choose from chicken, salmon, bacon or peanut butter.


For Cats and Dogs

Select CBD Pet Oil 750mg/30ml: R895

Koi Naturals CBD Spray for Pets 500mg/60ml: R999.95

AfricanPure CBD Oil Pets 300mg: R645.00

For Cats

Cibapet CBD oil pastilles (1.3mg per pastille): R564.95

CBD Bites (1.4 mg per bite): R390.00

Cibapet CBD oil 200mg/10ml: R539.95

Cibapet CBD oil 400mg/10ml: R794.95

For Dogs

Cibapet CBD oil pastilles (3.2mg per pastille): R645.00

CBD Bites (3,7mg per bite): R415.00

Cibapet CBD oil 200mg/10ml: R540.00

Cibapet CBD oil 400mg/10ml: R995.00

Why Use CBD For Dogs And Cats? (Anxiety, Pain & Arthritis)

Pets are very sensitive to their human’s emotions and any changes in their environment. If you’re stressed, it’s more than likely your pets will be feeling it too. Situations like moving house, a sudden change in the family circumstances, and the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown (and your dogs can’t go for a walk) can cause stress for all members of the household, both human and furry.


Anxiety in pets can be anything from poor appetite, hiding and lethargy to panting, pacing or destroying furniture. Either way, it’s unpleasant for both your pets and you. CBD oil is a natural, healthy way of reducing this anxiety (for both humans and pets).

Final Thoughts on Pet CBD Oil

CBD oil is available from a variety of online stores and can be really beneficial for pets.

CBD oil isn’t only great for anxiety, it’s an amazing pain reliever as well as an anti-inflammatory (perfect for dogs with arthritis). The biggest appeal of CBD oil is it improves your pet’s quality of life.

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