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An increasing number of pet owners are choosing to insure their furry (and non-furry) friends. However, choosing the right pet insurance for your precious animals can be a confusing and overwhelming experience. It takes time and research to select the right pet insurance for you, your budget, and your pet’s needs. 

Fortunately, South Africa has various accessible and affordable pet insurance companies and plans to choose from. Select from multiple tailored medical plans for your dogs, cats, and other beloved pets. 

The first step to choosing the right pet insurance is to receive an online pet insurance quote. Furthermore, to better understand the different options available, we’ve compiled a list of the four cheapest pet insurance companies in South Africa. 

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How Does Pet Insurance Work? 

Pet insurance works by paying an insurance company a monthly or annual fee. If your dog, cat, or beloved pet becomes ill or involved in an accident, pet insurance will help you cover veterinary expenses that can run into tens of thousands of rands. 

The process of pet insurance is as simple as getting treatment for your pet, submitting and claiming through your insurance company, and receiving reimbursement. 

Although pet insurance will cover a large sum of your veterinary bills, you will sometimes be expected to pay an excess amount as the owner. However, it all depends on your chosen insurance plan and the cost of your vet bill. 

It’s essential always to expect the unexpected from our pets. As those of us with an animal already know, the cost of vet bills can quickly add up. Therefore, ensuring our pets have insurance is essential to help cover unforeseen expenses. Pet insurance can help save owners thousands of rands in future vet bills. 

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4 Best Pet Insurance in South Africa 

Below, we’ve gathered some important information regarding the four best pet insurance companies in South Africa and their most basic and affordable plans. 

It’s important to note that although the following pet insurance options are the cheapest, they do not come with the best benefits for your pet. The most inexpensive pet insurance options will only provide the most vital coverage. This is usually only accident coverage for accident-related injuries, which doesn’t include illness, routine vet visits, check-ups, or prescribed medications. 

Checkers Pet Insurance 

Checkers has added pet insurance to its growing repertoire of financial services. Checkers Pet Insurance boasts a fast, paperless claims process with no waiting period. It’s affordable and accessible to all. 

Checkers cat and dog insurance starts from only R69 per month for accidental cover. With their accident coverage, they will help care for your pet in the case of injury resulting from an accident. 

For example, Checkers will help cover your pet if they’ve been involved in a fight with another cat or dog or perhaps ended up with a fractured bone.  

Please note that the Checkers’ accident plan does not cover routine care, dental work, vet visits, or illness. 

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PawPaw Pet Insurance 

PawPaw pet insurance is one of the most competitive pet insurance products. They are renowned for their high-quality customer service and empathetic attitude towards pets and their owners. 

From just R70 per month, PawPaw pet insurance will cover accident-related injuries such as vet bills for near-drowning, poisoning, burns, and electrocution. Their accident plan boasts no waiting period and no exclusion of breed-related conditions. The insurance company can cover up to 90% of the vet bills for any accident-related injury to your pet. 

PawPaw pet insurance’s accident plan does not cover any sickness, disease, or infection that is not caused by accidental injury. 

Dotsure Pet Insurance 

Dotsure Pet Insurance has various plans available for dogs and cats and reptiles, birds, and other mammals. In the 2020 Star Readers Choice Awards, Dotsure has voted the best pet insurance company in South Africa. 

Dotsure’s cat and dog medical aid boasts a no-frills plan that starts from just R89 per month. For other species of pets, insurance starts from R139 per month. Dotsure’s accident plan includes accident cover and partial illness cover (up to 50% of illness cover). This insurance plan also covers vet expenses for diagnosing and treating accident-prone injuries. 

The most basic pet insurance plan offered by Dotsure Insurance does not include hereditary treatment or wellness benefits. 

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Medipet Pet Insurance 

Medipet insurance is run by genuine animal lovers. It’s one of South Africa’s most trusted pet insurance companies. Medipet offers genuine and transparent cover for you and your pet. 

From just R226 per month per pet, the Medipet Accident Plan covers treatment resulting from snake and tick bites, allergic reactions, and car accidents, to name a few. These include wounds, lacerations, fractured bones, teeth, and gastric dilation volvulus. 

Medipet’s Accident Plan is the cheapest and best option to avoid any waiting periods or sub-limits. There are optional add-ons available such as Routine Care and Benefit Booster. You can use the Benefit Booster to add certain benefits not included in the Accident Plan. 

Medipet’s Accident Plan does not cover holistic wellness, pre-existing conditions, sterilisation, or routine vet visits. 

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Final Thoughts: Cheapest Insurance for Pets  

Most pet owners view pet medical aid as necessary to care for their animals and help them live their best and happiest lives. An increasing number of people are choosing to insure their pets to put their minds at ease and avoid any risky future financial burdens. 

The pet insurance plans that various companies offer all range in benefits, coverage, and price. As discussed above, the most basic plans are typically accident plans that work well for older pets and pet owners who can’t afford comprehensive care.

If you are searching for a more comprehensive insurance plan for your pet, be sure to research what coverage works best for you. Perhaps you’d like your pet’s routine vet check-ups to be covered or extra financial support for common pet diseases such as cancer or heartworm. 

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