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Discovery Car Insurance

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    Why Insure with Discovery?

    Discovery is a shared value insurance company that covers over 5.1 million clients globally. Known for its pioneering business model, Discovery Insurance is committed to promoting a healthy society by incentivising people to be healthier. As well as by enhancing and protecting their lives. Through its shared value insurance business model, Discovery aims to deliver greater health and value for its clients.

    This is achieved through the company’s exceptional service and Vitality program which rewards members for living, driving, and banking well. Discovery provides various innovative insurance services at highly competitive rates. These services include;

    • Car Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Home Insurance

    Through each of these service offerings, Discovery strives to enhance and protect the lives of its clients.

    Discovery Insure – innovative car insurance

    Discovery Insure is an innovative car insurance cover that provides clients with the option to join Vitality Drive. This is a driver behaviour rewards program that incentivises better and safer driving. Discovery Insure offers three car insurance plans to best meet clients’ insurance and lifestyle needs.

    Vitality Drive leverages world-class technology to provide members with access to state-of-the-art safety features through the smartphone-enabled DQ Track. Discovery’s DQ Track comprises the Discovery Insure smartphone app and Vitality Drive Sensor.

    Additionally, Vitality Drive provides members with many rewards, including up to 50% fuelbacks with BP and Shell, as well as discounted Uber rides and tyres. If you’re wanting to find out more about car insurance, read the following article on auto insurance terms that you need to know.

    Discovery Life Insurance

    Discovery offers a range of life insurance options at affordable premiums to best suit the lifestyles of their respective clients. Discovery’s life insurance products include;

    • Classic and Essential Life Plan – life insurance for you and your family
    • Business Life Plan – personal life assurance for your business
    • Purple Life Plan – protection for clients with over R10 million in life insurance
    • Smart Life Plan – tailored to protect and reward people under 30
    • Dollar Life Plan – life insurance that pays out in US dollars
    • Funeral Plan – lump sum payout for your funeral

    All Discovery’s life insurance plans can be easily bought online, providing a more seamless and efficient experience. Read the following article to find out more about buying life insurance online.

    Discovery Home Insurance

    Discovery’s comprehensive, flexible and affordable home insurance provides clients with innovative benefits and convenient service features. To provide optimal protection for your safe space, Discovery offers a range of home insurance plans including;

    • Building Insurance – covers the main building and any outbuildings on your property
    • Home Contents Insurance – insurance to safeguard your valuable items
    • Portable Possessions Insurance – cover the risk of your insured items being stolen, lost or damaged.

    Through these insurance plans, Discovery aims to provide exceptional service, tailored towards the lifestyle of their clients.

    Discovery Pros & Cons

    To help you make an informed decision, we have highlighted some key positives and negatives regarding Discovery Insurance.

    Exceptional service – Discovery’s service is considered exceptional by many of their customers.Affordability – Discovery’s premiums for their various insurance plans are on the pricier side and tend to go up in price each year.
    Variety – Discovery offers a broad spectrum of insurance plans to best meet the needs and lifestyles of their customers.Slow response time – many customers have posted complaints online regarding Discovery’s slow response to queries.
    Value – Discovery provides their customers with many benefits and rewards, as well as the excellent services which they provide.

    Overall, Discovery Insure has received positive feedback and reviews from its customers and can be considered a reliable insurance provider. Moreover, with a broad range of products and services, Discovery has something suited for everyone!

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