Dog Grooming Business Insurance: What you Need to Know

There just isn’t enough time for many people to groom dogs as thoroughly as they need. Unfortunately, our furry friends cannot do it themselves, and dog groomers have the skills and equipment to look after their needs.

The pet grooming industry may be unconventional, but it is growing and has its own unique business insurance requirements.

If you are in this profession, you should know that many things may go wrong, landing you and your business in hot water. Dog grooming business insurance is the perfect way to stay safe from a possible high financial loss.

Here is a quick guideline on what to know about dog groomers insurance.


Understanding Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is the hygienic cleaning and cosmetic enhancement of a dog’s coat. This service is primarily for show dogs, dogs that perform in competitions, and dogs in film and television roles. It can also just be for dog owners who prefer this service, for example, Yorkies have fine hair that gets easily tangled and needs professional grooming. Or big dogs too big for standard home bathrooms.

This is a service are performed by dog groomers in parlours and includes:

  • Washing and drying
  • Nail cutting, buffing, and painting
  • Teeth and ear cleaning
  • Shaving and trimming
  • Coat brushing

Doggy daycares, pet kennels, and dog training centres may also be covered under pet grooming business insurance. Dog spas also specialise in massaging and pampering dogs, and it is a very upmarket form of dog grooming.


Why Do You Need Business Insurance For Dog Groomers?

Dog grooming services need pet groomers insurance because it focuses on covering industry-related issues. Unlike most business industries, statistics show that pet care grew during the global pandemic. So whether you are a  current or prospective dog grooming business owner, you need to protect your investment.

This is also an upmarket industry with clients most likely to take you to court if anything happens to their dog.

Grooming insurance may assist in:

  • Litigation costs
  • Medical costs
  • Auto insurance

Even if you – and the dog – are highly trained, unexpected accidents may happen while in your care. When comparing insurance covers, be sure to give enough information to design your own coverage.


Types of Pet Grooming Insurance

Like any business, pet groomers have certain things that their businesses should be covered for. Some risk factors for groomers’ insurance have specific coverage types, and they are the following:

General Liability Coverage

This cover is a must-have, no matter where you are working from. We know you are professional and careful, but dogs may be injured or lost while in your care, and you will be liable for vet fees and possible medication. Dog grooming liability insurance would also cover any legal expenses in case of litigation against you.

Paying for these expenses from your pocket would be damaging as medical and legal bills tend to be very expensive.

Auto Insurance

If your business operates from a mobile vehicle or uses a company car to transport clients, then you need mobile pet groomer insurance. Auto insurance is to help pay for any damages to the mobile, and in some cases, even theft.

Be sure to read the fine print and choose a package that covers complete protection on your mobile.


Content Insurance

This cover protects your business equipment, including tools you use to groom pets. This helps if you have a robbery, fire, or other disaster. Equipment can be costly, and replacing everything without insurance would be a substantial financial loss in the case of a burglary.

These covers would work well as insurance for dog groomers that use the following equipment.

  • Leashes
  • Collars
  • Kennels
  • Crates
  • Grooming and training equipment
  • Grooming Tables

Business Income Insurance

This would help replace any lost income should your business need to stop operating because of covered property damage. Business income insurance would be paid out during repairs and, depending on your cover, even after you reopen. Until the business is stable again.


Pet Grooming Insurance Requirements

When getting pet grooming insurance, make sure you have these two requirements.

  1. Up-to-date documents and financial information of your business. This is needed to calculate your premium cost.
  2. Risk assessments suited to your business. This way, you only pay for cover that your business needs.

These requirements help consultants advise you well on what coverage to purchase. They affect the premium and the payout amount of your pet grooming business insurance.

Calculating Dog Grooming Insurance

It is hard to give you an exact pet groomer insurance cost; we would need a lot more information on your business as it varies.

The factors that influence the cost of your premium are the following:

  • Location – Where your business operates from; home, a salon, or mobile
  • Equipment – What you want to cover and their cost
  • Type of services offered
  • Revenue
  • Numbers of employees
  • What you are willing to pay

The last is very important, your dog business insurance is very dependent on what you can afford, and you are willing to pay. Try not to be tempted just to get a baseline cover. Anything not covered by your policy will have to be paid for out of your pocket.


Final Thoughts on Business Insurance For Dog Groomers

This guide can help you find business insurance for your dog grooming business, best suited to your needs. That way, you can focus on your pet grooming profession with peace of mind that your business is well protected.

If you just get a general business insurance plan, when you need to claim, you may find that all the premiums you paid still don’t cover what you need. This type of financial loss can set your business and personal finances back for years.

Contact a consultant and use this information to get dog grooming business insurance options today.

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