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    Who is 1st For Women Insurance?

    First For Women is a South African insurance company that was established in 2004. They pride themselves in being “insurance specifically designed for women” and are one of very few of its kind in the country.

    Everyone needs insurance, but First For Women understands the daily struggles that women face and goes above and beyond to ensure that their clients feel secure. First For Women Insurance strives to empower the women of South Africa and aims to be a consistent reminder that we can be fearless. So much so that the First For Women Foundation was established in 2005 to uplift and empower South African women, especially those who are victims of abuse.

    1st For Women Product Offerings

    Whether you are looking for car, home, business or even life insurance, First For Women has got you covered. They even have an app to ensure efficiency and convenience during emergency situations (available on the App Store and Google Play Store).

    Other Insurance Products

    First For Women offers the following products to its clients:

    • Home Contents Insurance
    • Guardian Angels Lifestyle Insurance
    • Handbag Cover
    • Life Insurance
    • Business Insurance
    • Business Assist
    • Buildings Insurance
    • Portable Possessions Insurance
    • Personal Insurance
    • Cyber Insurance

    1st For Women Car Insurance

    It’s essential to have some sort of car insurance in South Africa. But taking out an insurance policy can be daunting, so here are some FAQs on car insurance to help you grasp the basics.

    First For Women specifically offers car insurance for women, including comprehensive car insurance, third-party fire & theft, and third-party only.

    With First For Women Car Insurance, you will receive many convenient and reassuring benefits, as well as savings of up to R399 per month.

    Thinking of switching your car insurance? Here are some tips on how to go about changing car insurance companies.

    ●      Comprehensive Car Insurance – Whether it involves theft, loss or accidental damage to your car, First For Women’s Comprehensive Car Insurance will cover you in almost any circumstance. Lost your keys? First For Women will replace them for you.

    ●      Third-Party, Fire & Theft – If your car is stolen or damaged by fire, having First For Women’s third-party, fire and theft car insurance will ensure that you have nothing to worry about. The same goes for if you are involved in an accident – First For Women will cover any costs involved in third-party damage that you may have caused.

    ●      Third-Party Only – If you only want to cover yourself for any unforeseen damage you may cause to someone else’s vehicle, then there is also an option for you. Third-party only car insurance is designed for ladies who just want the basics covered.

    Guardian Angel on Call: 24/7 Accident and Roadside Assistance

    Another added benefit of having car insurance with First For Women is getting Guardian Angel on Call.

    First For Women, being primarily a ladies insurance company, understands that safety is a top priority and concern for women in South Africa.

    In addition to your regular car insurance, Guardian Angel on Call offers 24/7 accident and roadside assistance, which includes the following:

    • Mobile crash detector
    • App-sharing capabilities
    • Emergency medical assistance
    • A lift to wherever you need to go
    • Guardian Angel to wait with you if you feel unsafe
    • Assistance providers sent to your exact location to help with: a breakdown, flat battery, burst tyre or fuel if your tank runs dry

    Not only is your Guardian Angel there to help you out with car insurance, but they will be there to assist you in everyday life in general – even down to tedious tasks such as booking flights. The following benefits are included:

    • Road assist
    • Home assist
    • Medical assist
    • Tax, finance and legal assist
    • Concierge assist

    1st For Women Insurance Pros & Cons

    Many different benefits made available to youClients waiting long periods for payouts
    Many different benefits made available to youNot always reliable – especially Guardian on Call
    24/7 roadside assistanceUnwanted spamming in the form of phone calls

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