Funeral Cover for Parents Over 60 – What to Look For



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Death and funerals aren’t topics we often like to talk about. Especially when it comes to our parents. Most of us like to believe that our parents will live forever. Unfortunately, we all have to face the music one day.

The older one becomes, the harder it seems to be to find good funeral plans. It is not impossible, just more challenging. So, don’t wait till the last moment.

You can help take care of your parents today as they have taken care of you over the years. Do the research and compare funeral cover quotes in South Africa to find the right deal for them.

No matter how difficult the conversation might be, assist your parents now with the financial planning of their funerals. This way they can have the dignified funeral they truly deserve.

What Types of Funeral Cover Are There?

There are various types of funeral policies available. The right one for you depends on your personal preference. Just remember to pick a funeral plan that will cover the costs of the funeral.

Some people prefer to have small and intimate gatherings. While others choose to have a large ceremony. They want to give all their family members and friends the opportunity to pay their final respects.

Generally, when the time comes, most of us will have some type of funeral. Therefore it is important to decide on the type of funeral you would want. This allows you to choose the best funeral cover for yourself.

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Funeral Insurance

Simply put, funeral insurance covers the costs involved in a funeral for the deceased. The funeral typically involves a ceremony. This can either entail the cremation of the body or a burial. Both options are attached to costs.

Costs for such ceremonies can differ greatly. It depends on the type of ceremony held and of course one’s personal preference. Think of catering, the venue, decor, etc.

Most importantly when choosing a funeral policy for your parents, the payout should be sufficient to cover all the funeral costs.

Burial Insurance

Some people choose to be buried. For them, it is important to have a sacred place their loved ones and friends can visit.

Keep in mind, that if you choose to be buried, there are several costs involved. You need to purchase a coffin, a burial site and pay for the undertaker costs.

People often assume that a burial policy will cover both the burial and the ceremony. This, unfortunately, is not the case. In general, a burial policy will only cover the costs for burial and not those of a ceremony.

However, this type of funeral plan does allow for your loved one to have a dignified burial.

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Cremation Insurance

If your parent(s) choose the option of cremation – their remains will be burned once they have passed away. After the cremation, you as the family will receive their ashes. These ashes can then be buried, stored or scattered.

Those wanting to be cremated can often take out a smaller funeral policy. As cremations often cost less than burials and the ceremonies held are usually a little less formal.

Funeral Cover With No Waiting Period

Most funeral plans in South Africa have a waiting period. This time period can vary anywhere between 6 and 12 months. It is influenced by the insurance provider you choose and the policy that goes along with it. Also, keep in mind that the age of the person being insured is often also taken into account.

Don’t let this information scare you. There is good news. There are policies that do not have a waiting period. Remember to always discuss this matter before you agree and sign up for a policy.

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Best Funeral Covers in South Africa

Below are some of the best insurance companies that offer funeral cover for those over 60.

Sanlam Family Plan

The iCover Family Funeral Plan is offered by Sanlam. For those looking for a family funeral cover, this plan is the perfect fit.

Premiums start from as little as R25 a month. And can have payouts of up to R40 000. Not only does this plan cover the entire family, it even includes the older members aged over 60.

Capitec Funeral Cover

They offer plans that include both you and your family. The Capitec funeral plan is loved by families as it allows 21 family members under one policy. This includes cover for up to 4 parents.

Assupol Funeral Cover

Assupol has various funeral plans on offer. When looking to find the best option for your parents, one should choose the Cornerstone Pensioner plan.

This plan is ideal for seniors as there is no age limit and no medical examination is required to join the plan.

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Standard Bank Funeral Cover

Their Flexible Funeral Plan can be catered to your family and your specific needs. It allows you to cover up to 6 children, 8 extended family members, and up to 4 parents.

As the policy allows for personalization to your family and lifestyle, one is able to find the right fit for oneself. All this without having to break the bank with costs.

Liberty Life Funeral Cover

If you are looking to add your parents to your funeral cover – The Parent Funeral Plan is a great option. The policy allows up to two parents and two parents-in-law who are 85 years of age and younger to join.

The plan is available for as little as R75 per month. Allowing people the opportunity to lay their parent(s) to rest with dignity.

Old Mutual

Old Mutual offers an EasiPlus Funeral Plan. This plan is designed specifically for the entire family.

Do keep in mind that the main member of the policy has to be between the ages of 18-65. However, the plan does allow you to add your (grand)parents to it. Bearing in mind, that they are under the maximum age of 84.

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Final Thoughts On Funeral Plans For Your Parents

Losing a loved one is never easy to deal with, let alone it being your parent. We are often hit with an overwhelming amount of grief and struggle with the daily motions of life.

On top of that, having to plan a funeral can be exhausting. Having the right funeral cover can help take away an incredible amount of stress. It also helps relieve the financial burden of a funeral on the family.

There never really is going to be a perfect moment to have this conversation with your parent(s). Despite the difficulty, have the talk and help find the best funeral cover for your parents today.



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