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Funerals are something that we generally try not to think about, and in some cases, this can cause us to put off making important financial plans. This often leads to elderly parents not having any funeral cover, which can put great stress on their children when it comes time to pay for their funeral.

Funeral Cover for Parents

We all want to say goodbye to our parents in the most special way possible. By planning ahead we are guaranteed to be able to do that, without any added stresses. That’s why having funeral insurance is so important. Unfortunately, though, the older our parents get the harder it is to find proper funeral insurance that is affordable.

We have sourced some of the best companies who offer affordable funeral insurance for seniors over a certain age. We’ve also put together a guide on the best way to get funeral cover for parents who are already over 65.

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Find the Best Funeral Cover

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For Over 50

For seniors between the ages of 50 and 65, there are a fair amount of insurance companies who can offer a good funeral plan for parents. If your parents are not yet 65, they will be able to get their own policy. You can still take out a policy for yourself and add your parents, which will bring down premium prices.

For Over 65

Once your parents turn 65, it becomes harder to find them a funeral plan. Their premiums will be quite high, and most companies only have the option to add your parents to your own plan.

The best option is to add them onto a Family Policy, which will cover you, your senior parents, your spouse and/or children. It also covers parents-in-law.

For Over 70

Finding affordable funeral cover for parents over 70 can be extremely challenging.

With premiums being high, you may not be able to get the kind of cover that your parents need. In this case, it would be beneficial if there are many children who could each take out smaller cover policies on the parent.

When the parent dies, each child will then get a payout, these can be pooled together for one funeral. This would allow for affordable premiums for each child, while still paying out enough for a decent funeral.

For Over 75

While finding a funeral policy for parents between the ages of 65 and 75 is difficult, finding a funeral policy for over 75-year-old parents becomes near impossible.

Again, the option of having more than one policy on the parent, with multiple children paying small amounts each month, works out to be the most affordable.

For Over 80

There are certain companies who do cater specifically for seniors over 80, but these are few and far between.

There are options where you can pay a lump sum of money to a corporation, and then you could claim back from the company when your parent passes away. This means you will need to have enough money for a funeral to put away, though.

For Over 85

Unfortunately, parents who are between 85 and 90 are not catered for well in the funeral insurance industry. Even the companies who offer senior funeral insurance do not offer coverage after they turn 85.

Ideally, you want to add your parents to a policy before they turn 85. If this isn’t the case, the wisest thing to do would be to put away a lump sum of money to use for their funeral.

For Over 90

For this age group, the wisest and most valuable option would be to simply put aside money that can pay for a funeral, as finding a funeral policy after the person has already turned 90 will be extremely hard.

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Top Providers Of Funeral Cover – South Africa

Here are 10 of the best insurance companies offering funeral insurance for parents and seniors. You are bound to find your own choice of the best funeral cover in SA off this list.


1. Sanlam

Sanlam offers a Family Funeral Plan iCover, which allows you to cover yourself, your spouse & children, as well as your parent’s and your spouse’s parents. This covers seniors up to the age of 84.

Premiums start low – from just R25 pm – and payouts can be up to R40 000! This helps to put your mind at rest when thinking about funeral plans for the whole family.

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2. Old Mutual

Old Mutual also has a Family Funeral Plan, which you can take out for yourself, and add your elderly parents too. The main holder of this plan must be younger than 65, and you can add your parents as long as they are not yet 85 years old.



AVBOB have two types of cover, one which specifies pensioners who live in retirement villages, and one for those who don’t. The cover can be paid with monthly premiums or in one lump sum.

The first is for anyone over the age of 60 living in a retirement village. They can take out this cover from their 60th birthday. This cover has no maximum age so it can be taken out no matter how old they are when first taking out the policy.

The second is for pensioners who do not live in a retirement village. This cover is available from the year they turn 65 and must be taken out before the senior turns 85.


4. Liberty

With Liberty, you are able to get a funeral plan for your parents, insuring them alone but in your name as long as they are under 75 years of age. If they are older than 75, you will need to take a funeral plan for yourself and add your parent underneath that plan. The family plan must be taken out before your parent turns 85.


5. Hollard

Hollard allows you to take out funeral cover for yourself until you are 75 years old. You can take out a family plan as well, but you cannot add anyone over the age of 75.

Funeral Insurance vs Other Funeral Cover

Funeral cover for your parents would, in the event of death, cover the costs of the funeral. There are many different types of funerals, some people choose to have large ceremonies while others prefer small, short gatherings to honour the life of the deceased.

Sometimes, people choose not to have a funeral ceremony at all. While many opt for a wake. Depending on what you and your parent decide, you can determine what sort of cover is required.

Funeral Insurance

A funeral is a ceremony connected to the burial or cremation of the body. For a funeral, you will incur burial/cremation and ceremony costs. The cost of funeral ceremonies differs depending on what you need in terms of catering, decor, etc.

Funeral insurance payouts should be enough to cover the entire cost of the funeral from the casket to the ceremony.


Burial Insurance

If your parents want to be buried, you need to be able to buy a casket and burial site, as well as undertaker costs. You don’t necessarily need a large ceremony for this and so, would not have to pay for those costs.

If you have burial insurance only for your parents, you’ll ensure there is money for burial but not necessarily for the ceremony. This will allow you to give them a dignified burial, and a smaller ceremony or a memorial service can be arranged at a later stage.

Cremation Insurance

Cremation is the burning of a body after death. Your parents can be cremated and then have their ashes stored, buried or scattered. This usually ends up much costing much less than burials do, and the ceremonies are usually slightly less formal.

If your parents plan on being cremated, you could take out a smaller funeral policy for them, as you won’t need such a large payout when the time does come.

Which Funeral Policy Should Your Parents Take?

You would need to discuss this with your parents to see what they would like you to do when they do pass away. Once you have this information, it will be easier to decide how much cover they need in the funeral plan.

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What to Consider and What to Avoid When Looking at Funeral Cover for Pensioners

Before you sign the dotted line, take a look at the things you should consider when taking out a funeral cover policy for your senior parents.

Things to Consider:

  • The entry age of the policy: if your parents are older than the entry age you won’t be able to cover them with that specific policy.
  • The type of funeral your parent wants: this would consider things like religious and cultural preferences, as well as personal partiality.
  • How much cover you need.
  • The premium amount that you or your parents can afford.
  • The waiting period for the plan: most will have a 6 month – 1 year waiting period, and so if the insured had to pass away in that period, they would not be covered.
  • The benefits: some plans are cashback plans, allowing you to have the money in your hand to pay for funeral costs; others pay the service-providers themselves which may limit your choices.

Things to Avoid:

  • Neglecting to do your research: Try to find different quotes so you can make an informed decision.
  • Waiting too late: The earlier your parents are covered, the easier and more affordable it will be.
  • Taking a policy from a non-reputable company: Make sure your insurance comes from a trusted company.

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Questions You May Have about Affordable Funeral Cover for Parents

Signing up for any insurance can be confusing, and senior citizens funeral insurance is one insurance plan you want to get right. So, we gathered together some vital questions and found the answers for you!

Can I buy funeral insurance for my parents?

Yes, you can. As we mentioned above, you can add your parents to a family policy and pay their premiums for them. It is also possible for more than one child to buy funeral insurance for the same parent.

What is the best burial insurance?

This depends on your preferences. The best option would be to gather multiple funeral insurance quotes before you decide on one.

What is the waiting period for funeral cover?

Generally, there is a waiting period of between 6 and 12 months. This will depend on your insurance provider, and perhaps the age of the insured. There are certain options where you could get funeral insurance with no waiting period, but this must be discussed before you sign up.

How much does burial insurance cost?

Insurance premiums for pensioners are, frustratingly, higher than a younger person would pay. You’d be looking at paying anything from R100 all the way up to R400 pm per person.

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Final Thoughts On The Best Funeral Insurance For Seniors

Remember to do your research before you pick a policy, and to get as many quotes as possible. When you lose a loved one you are bound to be in an emotional state and having the correct policy will mean that funeral arrangements will be made without adding more stress to you.

It is always best to plan ahead especially with funeral plans. The earlier you can take out a policy, the less stress you will have once you need it. If your parents have not yet planned for things like this, have a discussion with them as soon as possible.

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  1. Mirriam Kwatlhai Avatar
    Mirriam Kwatlhai

    It is a great pleasure to hear that our parents(siniors) are considered. by other companies. I will apply soon for my dad born on 31 July 1937. My mom 29 September 1940 and my mother in law on the 22 January 1939. And how much will it cause.

    1. admin Avatar

      Hey Mirriam
      You can get funeral cover quotes here

  2. Fikile Avatar

    I’m looking for a funeral cover or funeral plan for my father who was born on 1950/06/10

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi Fikile, we suggest taking a look at iCover they will likely be able to help you 🙂

  3. Suthu Avatar

    Good day, I would like to take a funeral plan for my mother in law who is born in 1940

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi Suthu
      Have a look at our funeral quotes page. You can find what you need there 🙂

      1. Albert Avatar

        I look for cover for my parents born 1949 and 1939

      2. Nompumelelo Avatar

        Hy there I would like to take a life policy for my grandmother who is 78.

      3. jane kopa Avatar

        Hi, I need a quote on an extended family who are over 70years of age

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  4. Deone Avatar

    Hi would like to take a cover out for my grandmother born 1937

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi Deone
      Have a look at our funeral quotes page. You can find what you need there 🙂

      1. Luvo Avatar

        Hey i want a funeral cover that can cover my grandmother who was born on 07May1935

  5. R Van Zyl Avatar
    R Van Zyl

    Funeral policy for 81 year old

    1. admin Avatar

      Sanlam offers a Family Funeral Plan iCover. This covers seniors up to the age of 84.

    2. Derick Avatar

      Hi how much is cover for a 80 years female at avbob

      1. admin Avatar

        Hi Derick
        Fill in your details on our Funeral Insurance page and someone will get back to you

        1. Setimela Avatar

          Hello I need a funeral cover for my father in law he was born 26 August 1940

  6. Qivi N M Avatar
    Qivi N M

    Hi I would like to cover my Mother who was born on 1930-06-08
    Any advice if which insurance can accept

    1. admin Avatar

      Hey Qivi
      Have a look at Sanlam’s iCover, they will be able to help you 🙂

  7. Yvonne Naidoo Avatar
    Yvonne Naidoo

    Hi I would like a cover for my mum…age 77

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi Yvonne
      If you add your details on our quotes page, you’ll receive a call from someone who can help 🙂

    2. Elizma Sysaar Avatar
      Elizma Sysaar

      Want to cover my mom she turning 80

      1. admin Avatar

        Hi Elizma
        Fill in your details on our Funeral Insurance page and someone will get back to you

  8. Wonder Avatar

    Want to cover my 80 yr old father

  9. Carol Avatar

    Would like a funeral policy for myself 62 husband 68.who can help

    1. admin Avatar

      Hey Carol, we suggest Sanlam’s iCover, mentioned above

  10. Edgar ISAACS Avatar
    Edgar ISAACS

    Hi would like cover for my dad… age 67

    1. admin Avatar

      Old Mutual has a Family Funeral Plan, which you can take out for yourself, and add your elderly parents too. The main holder of this plan must be younger than 65, and you can add your parents as long as they are not yet 85 years old.

      1. Kklaasen Avatar

        Would like to get a funeral cover for my aunt. She is 87

        1. Luvo Avatar

          Hey i want a funeral cover that can cover my grandmother who was born on 07May1935

  11. Thato Avatar

    Cavering an a granny Dat was born in 1940?

  12. Marcelle Avatar

    Looking for affordable funeral plan for my mom who is 83 please.

  13. Clement Mothwa Avatar
    Clement Mothwa

    Hi Admin
    I’m looking for a funeral cover for my Grandma who is 88 years old. Which insurance companies offer such cover?

    1. Thabiso Avatar

      Hi I’m looking for funeral cover for my aunty she’s 80 yrs old

  14. Alf Avatar

    I had a funeral policy with Hollards and was paying R 188.00 per month. When I turned 69 my premium increased to R340.00 per month. When I started the policy my pemium was about R138.00 per month then over the next 4 years it increased by about R 50.00 but now all of a sudden from R 188.00 to R340.00 in one year. When I requested an explanation I was told the costs had increased and I am welcome to close the policy which I did my reason being “what if the pemium increasd in a similar fashion next year ! ” Oh , by the way , at the begining of the policy I was given a table showing the projected premium increases on an annual basis and according to this table the the R340 premium which they wanted last year would only have been due in 2030. People take great care , I had paid into this policy for over 4 years and got nothing for it except that now it’s almost impossible to find a policy since I am 70. I read of another gentleman who also left Hollards because they increased his premium by 60 percent. I will now opt for a cremation insurance at about R4000.

    1. admin Avatar

      We’re so sorry for your troubles Alf – thank you for sharing this with the rest of us. It’s important to research well into your chosen providers.

      1. Vuyokazi Avatar

        I would like to cover my granny 67 years

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