Is Motorcycle Insurance More Expensive Than Car Insurance?

Is Motorcycle Insurance More Expensive Than Car Insurance?

To many South Africans, buying a set of wheels is one of the cornerstone tasks of adulting. It’s a commitment and one that we’re proud to tick off our checklists. But while the purchase itself can be costly, so can the upkeep and insurance.

One way to thwart unsolicited costs from an already expensive purchase is to make sure that you’re covered. The question is, does motorcycle insurance differ from car insurance?

While the thrill and adrenaline from drifting through the winding roads on a powerful set of wheels bring its own pleasures. As we age, finding affordable car insurance can also entice our more responsible side as well. So, you’re probably looking to level up your adulting game by ensuring your brand new motorcycle too.

When considering car insurance vs motorcycle insurance, there isn’t much of a difference in what makes up these packages. But, there are a few factors that set them apart. Keep reading to find out more about motorcycle insurance.

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Typical Motorcycle Insurance Costs

As with all types of insurance, your chosen provider will create options or packages that you can select. In most cases, you’re charged a monthly premium that is calculated based on your risk profile.

Your risk profile is calculated off a few different things. These variables can either increase your monthly premium as you’re considered high risk or if you’re regarded as low risk, your premiums are considerably less.

Typical motorcycle insurance is no different. Although, there’s a reason that a mother cringes every time her 18-year-old son mentions wanting a motorcycle instead of a good ol’ reliable sedan. Let’s have a look at some of these factors and how it adds to your premiums.

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Factors for Motorcycle Insurance Estimation

Many motorcycle insurance calculators will draw up a quote for you based on a few things. The year and make of your bike, the model, your previous insurance claims along with your basic information.

Insurance companies don’t tell you much about how these factors come into play when estimating motorbike insurance. Your sportbike insurance costs will vary significantly compared to your 125cc motorbike insurance because of the risks that come with each bike.

Motorcycles are automatically pegged to a higher rate because of how common motor accidents are. The factors listed below can help you decide your risk factors, but be sure to use them as a guideline only.

Age (sometimes gender):

Around the world, people automatically assume that a younger driver is less responsible or experienced and therefore means that they’re at a higher risk. So, a younger person will have a higher premium than a more experienced driver.

Similarly, your gender can also play a role. According to stats done by Arrive Alive, most recorded motorcycle accidents have involved males. So, a man could face higher premiums than a female. This isn’t set in stone and depends on your driver record as well as previous insurance claims.

Driver record:

A “safe” driver can expect lower premiums, but the regular at the traffic department for negative reasons can expect higher premiums. Companies look at your insurance claim history as well as your record.


Where you are in the country can determine your premium as well. Safer neighborhoods benefit from a lower premium because they’re less likely to place a claim.

Type of car/bike:

The type of motorcycle you own can alter your insurance costs. If you’re buying that Harley that you’ve always dreamed of, or a 125cc motorbike, insurance companies usually take this into account as well.


Consider when and how often you’ll use this bike. Whether it’s your everyday commute or is only used for a Sunday afternoon drive can also play a role.

It does sound like a lot at first. But, with the safe use of the bike, and by following traffic safety guidelines you can decrease your premiums considerably.

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Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

Some insurance quotes will force your faith in the public transport system. In order to get a quote that you can manage, it’s vital to take note of the type of insurance that you’ll need.

The options range from comprehensive cover to third-party cover.

It is inadvisable, for obvious reasons, to only get third-party cover instead of comprehensive cover. This will lower your premium but it might leave you out in the cold when things go awry and your insurance doesn’t cover it.

How much is comprehensive motorcycle insurance anyway? Well, it could fluctuate from anywhere between R300 to over R1000. It all depends on the factors listed above. Most comprehensive motorcycle insurance quotes dip into the more expensive side.

If you’re looking to save on your premiums while keeping peace of mind with full coverage, there are a few things that you can do.

  • Make sure to keep your motorcycle in a safe place overnight.
  • Keep your driving record squeaky clean.
  • Consider paying a higher excess (be sure to discuss this with your insurance broker).

Is Motorcycle Insurance Cheaper Than Car Insurance?

In short, no. Motorcycles are a higher risk and therefore, you’ll be facing more expensive insurance – especially if you’re looking for comprehensive cover.

 Although, insurance shouldn’t be something that we should necessarily bargain with. It may benefit you to find something that suits your needs instead of writing insurance off altogether.

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Final Say on Motorcycle Insurance vs Car Insurance

So, insurance is not always a sure thing. Some companies have a basic package that is tweaked slightly from person to person. Other companies do a little bit more to adjust it to your needs and lifestyle.

Whatever choices you make regarding insurance, make sure to always do your research and compare quotes. You can use our insurance quote form to help you figure out just where you’ll most feel at home and at peace.

Car insurance is usually much cheaper, so cars might be a better option if you’re looking to save that extra buck. If you’re set on owning a motorcycle, there are insurance options out there that won’t break that bank. Just be sure to follow the useful safety tips to reduce your monthly premium.

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