Best Medical Aid for Children in South Africa 2022

Your child has a special place in your heart and it stands to reason that you want to give them the very best things in life. This includes looking after their health.

There are a variety of medical aid options to choose from in South Africa. Companies provide medical care to people of all ages, but you may be unsure which plan covers the important things your child needs.

Whether you are a single mom looking for medical aid or a family with children of various ages, this article will give you insight into plans offering quality medical aid for children.


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Can You Get Medical Aid for Kids Only?

This question has become more common in recent years. The unfortunate reality is that many children in South Africa live with only one parent, or with other family members. Affordability is often an issue and people want to know if they can get medical aid for a child only in South Africa.

At this time, medical aids in South Africa only accept children as dependents on a medical scheme. To have their own medical aid plan, a person must be older than 18 years.

Exceptions to the Rule

If a child is listed as a dependent on a medical scheme and the main member passes away, the child can be allowed to remain as the sole member of the scheme. Unfortunately, this rarely reduces the monthly fee.

There is one medical aid company, Affinity Health, which has a child-only plan available. Hopefully, other medical schemes will see the need for this type of plan and follow in their footsteps.


What Should Medical Aid for Children Include?

Most medical aid plans cover the same basic benefits. However, there are specific elements to look out for when choosing a plan for a child.

Day-to-Day Benefits

Kids frequently pick up illnesses like colds and tummy bugs, which require a simple GP visit and over-the-counter medication. Make sure that the plan you choose covers these expenses.

Hospital Cover

Children like to play rough and may get a broken bone when you least expect it. Hospital stays are expensive, so choose a medical scheme that offers sufficient in-hospital benefits.

If your children don’t have chronic conditions or need frequent GP visits, you can also consider having only a hospital plan.

Special Benefits

It is beneficial to have a medical aid plan that covers other needs children may have. These include basic dentistry and optometry, paediatrician visits, and child immunisations.


Best Medical Aid Plans for Children

Here is a list of companies that offer quality medical aid plans suitable for children and families.

Note: All prices mentioned are those listed on the companies’ websites for 2021/22.


Discovery offers seven different series to choose from. The Smart Series is the best option for plans that cover the most important medical care for your child and are still cost-effective.

The Smart Series is divided into the Classic and Essential plans, which offer mostly the same benefits but to different extents. Prices start at R1 500 per month.

You and your children will get unlimited GP visits and private hospital cover within Discovery’s network of providers. Cover is also provided for over-the-counter medicine and sports-related injuries.

Discovery has various Vitality programmes you can use to earn points and get rewards. The Vitality Baby, Vitality Kids, and Vitality Teens programmes all have different benefits which are relevant to the age group. For example, free movies for kids and gym discounts for teens.



Bonitas offers different series, each with their own range of plans and prices. The Traditional series is a good choice for families with kids. Prices start around R2 200 for the Primary Select plan and around R3 600 for the Standard Select plan.

Your family will get unlimited hospital cover at any network hospital. Out-of-hospital GP and specialist consultations are paid from your available benefits. Basic dentistry and optometry are covered up to predetermined amounts.

Child immunisations are covered in both plans. The Standard plan covers one GP and paediatric consultation more than the Primary plan. Each family member can receive one flu vaccination per year.


Affinity Health

Affinity Health is one of the few companies in South Africa that offers medical aid for children only. Their Affinity Junior option allows you to insure only your children on either a day-to-day plan, hospital plan, or combined plan.

The Junior Day-to-Day option includes unlimited doctor visits, as well as unlimited radiology and pathology if referred by your GP. Basic dentistry and optometry are also included. This option costs around R600 per month for the first child, and an additional R300 for every child added.

The Junior Hospital plan costs around R900 per month for the first child and an additional R300 per child after that. It gives you access to private hospitals and covers general hospital stay costs, as well as costs for medical procedures.

The Junior Combined day-to-day and hospital plan costs R1 400 per month for the first child and R500 for every additional child.



Fedhealth has three options specifically designed for families with children of different ages. Prices range from R1 900 to R2 800 per month.

The FlexiFED 2 plan is aimed at those just starting a family, while the FlexiFED 3 plan is for families with young children. FlexiFED 4 is aimed at more mature families with older children.

These three plans offer the same benefits. The only difference is that FlexiFED 3 and 4 have more money in the MediVault, which gives you access to emergency funds for unexpected medical bills. FlexiFED 4 also provides access to the Threshold Benefit.

These plans cover unlimited GP visits and hospital costs for your family at Fedhealth’s network doctors. Children’s immunisations are covered from birth up to 12 years old. Every family member can also get one flu vaccination per year.


Final Thoughts on Medical Aid for Kids

Childhood is a time to play and have fun without worrying about illness. Choosing a good medical aid plan can help keep your children safe and healthy.

South Africa has a variety of companies offering quality medical care at a range of prices. You’re sure to find a plan that suits your pocket and meets your family’s specific needs.


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