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    Why You Need Medical Insurance

    The high cost of healthcare in South Africa makes having insurance incredibly important. Access to high-quality healthcare in South Africa is expensive and often requires you to pay upfront. Having good medical insurance allows you and your family to get the medical care needed when you need it.

    Types of Medical Insurance

    Health insurance comes in many different shapes and forms. Below are some of the types of medical insurance that you are able to sign up for.

    Medical Insurance

    Medical insurance generally covers the cost of hospitalisation, daily medical expenses, or both. It covers limited day-to-day medical costs with a set amount being paid to the policyholder, regardless of the medical care provided.

    Restricted Medical Aid

    Closed or restricted medical aid schemes are only available to people working within a particular industry (and their families). These are usually administered on behalf of companies for their staff and their families.

    Open Medical Aid

    An open medical aid scheme is the most common type of medical aid and can be joined by any member of the public. You pay monthly premiums in return for financial cover for both medical treatment and expenses.

    Hospital Plan

    Hospital plans will cover expenses during planned or emergency hospital visits. They don’t cover day-to-day expenses such as dentist visits or medication.

    Gap Cover

    This short-term insurance provides extra protection for people who already have medical aid. It covers the difference between what the medical scheme will cover and the higher rates charged by private healthcare providers.

    Disability & Dread Disease Cover

    This covers you in case you become disabled or contract a dread disease or critical illness. It ensures you are able to retain your standard of living throughout your lifetime by offering a replacement of your income as well as cover for the additional expected medical costs.

    Medical Insurance FAQs

    Insurance can sometimes be a scary topic to bring up, with the many big words, and confusing terms. Here are answers to some of the pressing questions that people have when looking at health insurance options.

    What’s the difference between medical aid and medical insurance?

    Medical Insurance is a type of insurance that provides cover for hospitalisation, medical visits or both. Most providers pay a set amount for each day in the hospital or day-to-day medical expenses. Medical Insurance is normally slightly cheaper than Medical Aid and provides cover if you or your loved ones need treatment.

    Medical Aid comes with PMBs, whereas health insurance providers are not required to include cover for PMBs. Medical Aid usually pays the hospital directly whereas Medical Insurance is paid to you, meaning you can choose how the money is spent. Some Medical Insurance policies even provide personal accident, disability cover and Funeral Cover.

    Where can I get medical insurance?

    To get Medical Insurance for yourself, request a quote above. An insurance broker will contact you and take you through the process. They will ask you questions about your healthcare needs to determine what insurance is best for your budget and needs.

    Can I have both medical aid and medical insurance?

    Having both Medical Aid and Medical Insurance can be expensive but having both does have benefits. Medical Insurance can be used to complement Medical Aid that is useful when your Medical Aid savings run out.

    What are prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs)?

    All Medical Aids need to provide cover for a set of minimum healthcare benefits known as Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs). Regardless of what plan you are on, there are around 270 medical conditions that the Medical Aid will need to cover in full.

    Is medical insurance tax deductible?

    Unfortunately, Medical Insurance doesn’t offer any tax benefits in South Africa. If you choose to go with a Medical Aid policy, your monthly contributions are tax-deductible.

    How much does health insurance cost?

    The cost of Health Insurance largely depends on your policy and provider. With Compare ’n Review, you can compare multiple Medical Insurance quotes with the click of a button. You’ll easily be able to find a Medical Insurance policy that works for you.

    What are designated services providers (DSPs)?

    Health Insurance policies usually only allow access to hospitals and doctors within a specific network (DSPs). These designated service providers will largely depend on your chosen Medical Insurance provider and plan.

    In most cases, your Medical Insurance provider will pay a set amount for every day you are in the hospital regardless of the hospital you are in. Private doctors and hospitals do tend to charge higher rates so it’s a good idea to look at all the available options before choosing what healthcare professional to go to.

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