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    Who is MiWay Insurance?

    MiWay is an official financial and insurance provider that only offers non-life insurance-based policies including motor, household, homeowners and business insurance. They are also the first online-enabled non-life insurer in South Africa by offering an end-to-end online quoting, buying and policy management facility.

    MiWay has a majority shareholder in Santam, a blue-chip JSE listed company that provides the backing needed for MiWay to build its own unique brand identity. MiWay life being another product of this support. It is a customer-centric company whose purpose is to enable you to live your way and provide an excellent customer experience.

    MiWay views customer service as being at the core of their business. The company focuses on customer needs and finding new ways to simplify their lives by providing services that enable you to live your life and enjoy it on your own terms.

    MiWay Car Insurance

    MiWay provides a means to safeguard your vehicle against any unforeseen emergencies or incidents. They also currently offer a plan where you could save up to 20% on your car insurance premium if you work from home. MiWay insurance company offers various levels of policies to suit all budgetary needs and requirements with four different options available:

    • Comprehensive insurance cover
    • Third-party, theft & fire insurance cover
    • Third-party insurance cover
    • Total loss insurance cover

    Along with the policies offered, MiWay also allows you to choose the value that you would like to insure your car for, namely:

    • Retail value – current selling price on a dealer’s floor
    • Market value – average between vehicle’s trade and retail value
    • Trade value – average price a dealer will pay for your vehicle
    • Special agreed value – applies to unlisted, vintage and collector’s vehicles, trailers and caravans where value is provided by an appropriate approved source

    MiWay also has app support for a hassle-free claims process by submitting your claims online via the app. For help on how to dispute any claims, check out this article on the car insurance claim disputes process.

    Comprehensive Insurance Cover

    MiWay’s widest cover option for your vehicle offers a range of perks with the selection and use of this policy. This policy provides cover for:

    • Theft and hijacking
    • Natural disasters
    • Damages due to an accident
    • Fire and explosion

    With comprehensive cover, they provide additional cover for damages to the vehicle’s windows, liability to the other parties if involved in an accident and intentional damage to your vehicle. Emergency roadside assistance is available 24-hours a day as well as the use of MiWay’s WeDrive feature, their own take-me-home driver service.

    Third-Party, Theft & Fire Insurance Cover

    This policy provides limited cover without most of the perks available with a comprehensive policy. This policy only provides cover in instances of:

    • Theft
    • Fire-related damage
    • Damages you may cause to another person’s vehicle in an accident

    This is a good option if you are on a budget and want a little extra protection for your vehicle, with theft being one of the most important cover options in South Africa.

    Third-Party or Total Loss Insurance Cover

    This is the most basic insurance policy option available. It’s good for those who want some form of protection on the road but cannot afford the premiums of the other two policies.

    Third-party insurance will only provide liability cover for damages that you may cause to other people’s property. This does mean, however, that the damage or loss for your vehicle is not covered. You will be responsible to cover the cost to repair or replace your own vehicle.

    Total loss insurance will only cover a client if the car is a total loss. This means that it would need to be a write-off, theft or hijack and also includes very limited third-party liability. Just because your car has accident damage does not make it a write-off. So if your car is repairable you will not be covered.

    MiWay Car Insurance Pros & Cons

    As with all things in life, there are positives and negatives about this business and so here are a few of both to help guide you in your decision-making process. 

    Offers a budget total-loss policy that no other company offersIrregular billing patterns: Debit orders not going off and happening after policy cancellation
    Fully online service with app supportBeing online-only can cause problems if no service provider signal/internet connection is available
    Comprehensive insurance offers a wide array of benefits and extrasSpamming of phone calls for further policies

    Overall, if you’re an online person who is always connected then this is a good insurance company to go with. They offer a wide range of policies to suit all, even policies that other insurance companies do not offer.   To understand more about these policies, here is a helpful guide on the different types of car insurance in South Africa to help better understand just how unique some of these policy offers are.

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