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Who is OnePlan Insurance?

OnePlan Insurance is a South African insurance company that understands life can be complicated – but that does not mean insurance should be. Striving to give you the simplest and most enjoyable insurance experience, OnePlan provides a hassle-free claims process.


OnePlan Insurance prides itself in being “insurance you can change when life changes.” The OnePlan Insurance App gives you the option to skip the paperwork, and the liberty to turn off your insurance if and when you need to.


With OnePlan Insurance literally in the palm of your hand, you can manage and control your insurance the way you want to. It is even up to you to decide what premium (this refers to your monthly payment) suits you.


If you are already convinced and are wanting to swap to OnePlan, here is how to switch insurance companies.

One Plan Insurance Product Offerings

OnePlan wants to put your mind at ease. Whether it is your car, your home, your health or even your pets – OnePlan Insurance has got you covered.



If you decide to trust OnePlan, you can receive both car and household insurance, as well as a few other insurance packages.

Other OnePlan Product Offerings

OnePlan aims to make insurance less complicated for you, in every aspect possible. Not only does OnePlan offer car insurance, but they also have you covered in the following:



  • > OnePlan Health Insurance (you can get paid BEFORE seeing the doctor – thanks to your OneCard)
  • > Household Insurance (easily add and remove items on the app as you need)
  • > On-the-Go Insurance (insure any valuables that you carry with you day-to-day when you are on the move)
  • > OnePlan Pet Insurance (get cover for occasional and recurring vet visits, as well as routine care and medication for your fur babies)

OnePlan Car Insurance

In South Africa, it is almost necessary to have insurance on your car. With crime, as well as some reckless drivers, you never know when you are going to need some extra help from your insurance.

OnePlan’s car insurance package is said to be one of the simplest – ever. With no in-person vehicle inspections required, adjustable cover, and instant and easy claims, you’ll find OnePlan to be extremely convenient.

If you are wondering what factors make different car insurance companies and packages cheaper, check out this article on affordable car insurance.

OnePlan car insurance includes the following privately owned and used motor vehicles:

  • > Minibuses
  • > SUVs
  • > Station wagons
  • > Self-propelled motor homes (motorised caravans)
  • > Passenger carrying vehicles (designed for carrying up to no more than 7 people, including the driver)

OnePlan App

As mentioned before, OnePlan Insurance prefers to save trees and skip the paperwork. You can contact OnePlan, get quotes, and even manage your insurance premiums all through the OnePlan App.



Want to get your vehicle inspected? Snap some pics on your mobile device and upload them on the app for a consultant to view. Want to cancel your insurance, maybe even just temporarily? You can do it with just a tap on your screen.



Get access to their DIY pre-paid claims process via the OnePlan App on your mobile device today – which is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

man using mobile device

OnePlan Insurance Reviews

If you ask anyone what they think of a certain insurance company, you are always going to get some 

helpful and resourceful recommendations and some unfortunate yet eye-opening complaints.



Either way, comparing some varied opinions is going to make your decision much easier. 

Here are the good, the bad and the ugly, of choosing OnePlan Insurance:

Paula on Google Reviews

“Oneplan Insurance has served my family well. A good option if you are looking for a medical insurance but remember, you cannot add a ‘gap’ cover to an insurance.”

Daniel on HelloPeter

“Unsatisfied correspondence from OnePlan Health Insurance. OnePlan Health Insurance did not give any feedback on my complaint on my claim. Then I asked them to end my policy with them but they did not respond accordingly.”

Shree on HelloPeter

“Disappointing cover changes, I am not very happy with OnePlan… the price of the cover does not decrease but only increases.”

Innocentia on Google Reviews

“I highly recommend One plan. It is very affordable and very convenient. And their team is quick to respond to any matter.”

Nicole on HelloPeter

“Best insurance ever! Very friendly and they are very patient. They explain everything so nicely.”

Maryke on HelloPeter

“Not responding to queries. I am not happy with OnePlan at all at the moment. Five days since the last email, still no reply at all!”

OnePlan Pros & Cons

Pros of Using OnePlan Insurance

  • > Zero paperwork – you can access everything on the app.
  • > Adjustable premiums – if and when you need them.
  • > Affordable insurance packages for your car, household, health and pets.

Cons of Using OnePlan Insurance

  • > No in-person inspections can cause possible miscommunication.
  • > Consumers experiencing unsatisfactory correspondence.
  • > Not considering mental health as part of health insurance.
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