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We know you love your furry friends, and you want to ensure that they have the best care. Well, lucky for you, Oneplan Pet Insurance does just that. It can be somewhat daunting to decide if pet medical aid is even necessary and to trust an insurance provider.

Even figuring out which one will be best for you can be quite a task. That said, this should help make that task easier for you.

Oneplan is an insurance provider that aims to simplify things for you while still maintaining good quality service. They offer plans that are easy to understand and hold no pretence, so you get the best results.

Everything is done with you in mind, and that’s why Oneplan Insurance prioritises efficiency and honesty, keeping you in the loop at every turn.

Why Oneplan Pet Insurance?

Oneplan has its very own online store, called Onepet Premium Pet Store, that is exclusive to its members. The site helps clients save on their pet food expenditure by offering cheaper products and terrific deals.

With premiums starting at R80 a month, it is quite an affordable insurance provider. You can rest easy knowing that your claims will be paid upfront, and you can immediately access the funds when you need them. Your fur baby won’t have to wait long to get the best care.

If you’re concerned about getting cover for a pet with any pre-existing conditions, don’t be. Oneplan covers them as well and will tailor-make a care wheel that will dictate their dietary and physical needs.

What Does Oneplan Pet Insurance Cover?

Oneplan offers four comprehensive plans that take into account how expensive taking care of your pet can be. They have created programs that cater to a variety of people, and we’re sure you’ll find the right one for your pet. You can get discounts if you have more than one pet: 5% for a second pet and 10% for a third.

Accident Plan

This is the first and cheapest plan that Oneplan offers. It covers the most basic of things. The accident plan is R80 per month, and the daily benefits are only for accidents. If your pet ends up in hospital, it will cover up to R8000 and only for accidents.

You get up to R1500 for burial and cremation, and this plan only allows you access to the Oneplan pet store with no discount. Your annual limit with the accident plan is R8000. This plan is ideal for anyone who’s on a budget and can’t really afford expensive pet insurance.

Oneplan Hospital Plan

The second plan that Oneplan offers is the hospital plan. It’s R190 per month and is a bit more extensive than the accident plan. On this plan, you get up to R35 000 per hospital visit and up to R2000 post-operative care.

This plan also covers kennel visits at R165 per day and R1650 per event. With the hospital plan, you receive a 15% discount on the Onepet store. The overall annual limit for this plan is R45 000. This plan is ideal if you have a pet that is prone to hospital stays or if you just want to be a bit more proactive about your pet’s care.

Classic Plan

The classic plan is R280 per month with more overall benefits and coverage. For hospital admission, you get up to R40 000; the post-operative care and kennel stays have the same rate as the hospital plan.

This plan comes with a 20% discount for the online store and offers an annual limit of R48 000. The biggest difference between this plan to the others is the amount that you would pay in excess and save in excess. For some of you, this may be a small margin that you don’t really feel plays a role in the care of your pet.

Super Plan

The final plan that they offer is the super plan, which is R430 per month and offers up to R8000 as a daily benefit. This plan provides the most extensive safety net and the most comprehensive cover.

On this plan, you get up to R55 000 per hospital visit and up to R5000 in post-operative care. You get R185 per day that your pet is at the kennel and R1850 per event. The annual limit is R70 000. So, although it may seem like a lot to spend on pet insurance for one month, it offers the most and is ideal for animals that need that extra coverage.

Oneplan Pet Insurance Claims

Claiming from your insurance can oftentimes be a nightmare. Oneplan has made it a lot easier for you.

With their easy and efficient way of dealing with claims, you won’t have to worry about your furry friend getting the care it needs. There are no forms that you need to fill in, so it’s hassle-free. You can claim online via the website or the One Plan application, you can also call them to lodge a claim.

After you’ve lodged your claim, money will immediately be loaded onto your Onecard, and you can use it at any registered vet. It’s so simple that you won’t even believe how little time it takes. Your excess amount is fixed, so your excess will remain the same regardless of the claim amount.

Final Thoughts on Oneplan Pet Insurance

Oneplan is an ideal insurance provider for your fur babies because of its wide variety of plans and its comprehensive benefits. It’s rare to find cheap pet insurance in South Africa that truly caters to both you and your animal/s. With Oneplan, you can rest easy knowing that all of your concerns will be dealt with in the best possible way. It can be quite daunting choosing an insurance provider, especially one that you trust. Hopefully, this guide has made that decision easier for you.

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