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Gone are the days when you had to get in your car and drive to the grocery store. Now you can buy everything you need from the comfort of your own home. For most online shopping is a luxury but in more recent times it has become a necessity.

The COVID-19 outbreak has encouraged many shoppers to turn to online shops rather than risking a trip to the stores.

In recent weeks many shoppers have travelled to the shops only to be met with empty shelves, forcing them to return home empty-handed. Physical stores are often running out of stock thanks to panic-buying and bulk purchases.

Luckily we live in an age where technology makes it possible for everything to be done online. Most popular grocery stores have an online website and offer delivery, allowing you to save time, petrol and money.

In a time where social distancing is not only encouraged but strictly enforced – we need online shops more than ever.

Local businesses are taking advantage of increased demand for online grocery stores in creative ways. We’ve created a comprehensive list of all the online grocery shops we could find in South Africa.

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How Does Online Grocery Shopping Work?

It’s simple. After signing up, you’ll need to order your groceries, pick a delivery time and pay for them. Then all that’s left to do is collect your groceries when they arrive on your doorstep.

Easy as that! No shoes required.

online grocery shopping South Africa

How Long Does Food Delivery Take?

This all depends on the company. Some retailers will get you your groceries within an hour while others might take over a week. We’ve listed the delivery times below to help you make an informed decision.

Is It More Expensive To Grocery Shop Online?

Groceries generally cost the same whether you buy them online or offline. What increases the price is delivery fees and service charges.

Most grocery shops charge for delivery and this price can vary from R10 to R100. We’ve gathered as much information on how much delivery will cost, so you don’t need to worry about any nasty surprises.

How Can I Pay For My Groceries Online?

Online retailers generally offer a variety of payment methods. The most common method of payment is a credit card. But manual EFTs, cash on delivery and Instant EFTs are also commonly used online.

Putting your credit card or banking details on a site can be really daunting. A lot of people struggle to trust online retailers and for good reason. Most online shops make sure payments are safe and secure but it doesn’t hurt to check.

If you have any questions about delivery, payment or anything else most online shops have an FAQ’s section that is super useful.

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Where Can I Buy Groceries Online in South Africa?

South Africa has lots of online shops that sell groceries at affordable prices. Most of the main grocery chains offer online shops but there are other options as well. We’ve done our research and compiled a list of the best online grocery shops in South Africa.

Faithful to Nature

Faithful to Nature offers natural, organic food at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for fresh fruit or food for your pantry, Faithful to Nature has it all. They also offer health and beauty products as well as a variety of lifestyle goods.

It’ll take 2-5 business days for your order to get to you and will only cost you R60 if you’re in main centres and only R40 if you’re in the Cape Town area. But if you spend over R400, delivery is completely free.

Payment can be made via credit card, bank transfer and cash deposit.

Net Florist

Net Florist has a variety of groceries on their online store. You can buy fruit and vegetables, bread, and milk as well as various nuts and snacks. They even offer a biltong box.

Net Florist is great because they offer next day delivery for R90 in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. You can pay using a credit card, Masterpass, Instant EFT and manual EFT. They also allow you to pay using Discovery Miles, eBucks, SAA Voyager Miles and UCount rewards.

Planet 54

Planet 54 doesn’t only sell fashion, technology and footwear, they recently added many essentials to their online store. Besides health and home care items you can also buy groceries online.

They stock essentials like cereal, baby food, and of course, snacks. New items are added daily so watch this space.

Delivery is R100 nationwide and they have implemented a ‘knock-and-drop’ method to ensure no-contact delivery. Delivery will take 5-7 days. Payment methods include via Payfast, which allows you to use credit/debit cards or an instant EFT. They also accept payment via manual EFT or cash deposits.

Pet Heaven

Don’t forget about your pets. Pet Heaven offers a variety of dog and cat food on their website as well as various accessories. They’ll deliver your order right to your doorstep within three working days.

Their delivery fee is R55 but if you spend over R500 you can get free delivery. Payments can be made using Visa or MasterCard credit and debit cards or via manual EFT payments.

One Cart

One Cart offers an on-demand grocery delivery service in South Africa. They stock food from Woolworths, Pick ‘n Pay, Food Lovers Market and even Jacksons. Both their website and their app allow you to purchase items from different stores in ‘one cart’.

They offer delivery on your terms. You’ll be able to get all the groceries you need within 2 hours. Delivery costs are R55 and an additional 5-7% personal shopper fee. OneCart accepts all major credit and debit cards as well as OZOW instant EFT. They also accept payment using your OneCart Wallet.


Although these sites aren’t known for delivering groceries, they do stock many essential items. They both stock a variety of groceries including baby food, beverages and dog food. Their delivery time depends on the individual products you order.

Delivery from Takealot costs R60 but they offer free delivery for orders over R450. Loot’s delivery prices are slightly cheaper. It costs R40 for delivery but they offer free delivery on orders of R350.

Their prices differ slightly and often one is significantly cheaper than the other. It’s best to compare these two sites, especially when purchasing items such as books.

These sites offer a variety of payment options such as credit card and debit cards, maestro and visa electron. They also accept instant EFT, eBucks, Discovery Miles, Masterpass and Mobicred. You can even choose to pay cash for the item on delivery.

Loot also accepts payments using Zapper, RCS card and SCode.

Big Chain Store Grocery Delivery

Some of South Africa’s biggest grocery stores are online. You can purchase your groceries from your favourite shop with a few clicks. Whether you want food from Woolworths or Pick ‘n Pay, you’ll be able to find it online.

There are a few shops that don’t offer online food delivery. Currently, Spar doesn’t offer online shopping and neither does Food Lovers Market. Luckily OneCart has found a way to deliver Food Lovers Market goods to your doorstep.

Woolworths Food

Woolies food has a great online website. They offer next day delivery but when they’re experiencing high volume getting your Woolworths ready-made meals might take a little longer.

They offer delivery in specific time slots. The cost of delivery depends on where you live but will generally be between R50 and R90. Luckily your first delivery is free.

Woolworths online shopping offers more than just groceries. They also have clothing, homeware and beauty products. They accept MasterCard and Visa cards as well as Woolworths store cards and credit cards.

Pick ‘n Pay Online Shopping

Online shopping is easy with Pick ‘n Pay. They’ve implemented a number of shopping options for every kind of consumer. Their online store is perfect for larger orders and features Pick ‘n Pay specials. They even allow you to leave a note for your personal shopper.

They offer both morning and afternoon slots, and the cost of delivery will depend on the time you choose. Generally, it’ll cost around R60. At the moment their delivery slots are quite full, so make sure you plan in advance during busy periods.

They also offer Click and Collect. This service allows you to order your groceries from the Pick ‘n Pay catalogue online and collect in-store. You can choose from a number of Pick ‘n Pay stores around the country. It’s completely free and is a great way to save time and avoid wandering the aisles.

Pick ‘n Pay processes payments via PayU, which accepts credit and cheque cards as well as Smart Shopper rands or on your account.

Pick ‘n Pay have also partnered with Bottles to get you your food ASAP. We’ll discuss this more later.

Jacksons Real Food Market

Jackson’s healthy food may not have an online store as of yet but they are making alternative arrangements. You can use OneCart to get organic, real food from Jacksons.

They’ve also implemented a Whatsapp ordering service. You can Whatsapp your shopping list to your chosen store, pay them via bank deposit and use the 1 Fetch app to schedule your delivery. 1 Fetch use distance-based pricing that will cost you a minimum of R75 which is payable via credit card.


If you don’t feel like leaving the couch, GAME also has an online store. They stock frozen food, soups, canned food and so much more on their online store.

GAME’s delivery fee changes depending on the size of your basket and your location. In main city centres and surrounding areas, a small basket will cost R50 for delivery, a medium basket will cost R100 and a large basket costs R150.

GAME accepts payment via GAME reward card, gift card, voucher or Wallet. They also accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Solo cards as well as through PayPal.

Quick App Delivery

If you’re in a hurry and don’t need too many items then there are a few apps that offer quick food delivery to your front door.

online food delivery


The popular food delivery app has recently started to offer delivery of convenience food and essential items. They have a number of grocery stores on their app including Woolworths, and new stores are being added daily. Some of the restaurants also offer ready-made meals for you to cook at home.

They have implemented ‘Leave at door’ delivery to limit any contact. Currently delivery is free for orders over R50 but usually delivery only costs R10. You can pay for UberEats using the app. They only accept cash and cards.

Checkers Online Shopping

Checkers is known for its low in-store prices but now you can even buy groceries online. They recently released Sixty60, an app that delivers your groceries to you in sixty minutes.

Unfortunately, the app only operates in certain areas of Johannesburg and Cape Town and due to high demand deliveries might take a little longer. At the moment delivery from Checkers, Sixty60 is free. You can use your Visa and MasterCard to pay.

Mr Delivery Online

Mr D has started delivering essential goods as well as fast food. You’ll be able to track your grocery shopping order from your couch using the app. It’s so much easier than driving to the store and shouldn’t take too long.

During the lockdown period in South Africa, they will only be able to deliver from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays in specific areas. They are planning to extend trading hours, offer more outlets and serve more areas. In support of social distancing, they have also implemented contactless deliveries.

Mr D Accepts payment via card, Instant EFT, eBucks or cash on delivery.

Bottles App

Pick ‘n Pay has partnered with the alcohol delivery app to get you your groceries ASAP. They offer contactless same-day delivery to bring you what you need.

The app is currently operating in most areas of Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. They charge a delivery fee of R45 and a service fee of R15. Bottles accept payment by uploading your card details on the app.

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Final Thoughts on Online Grocery Shopping in South Africa

Online food shopping in South Africa has taken off in the past few weeks. The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged so many people to buy food online. Retailers have found creative and affordable ways to get groceries to your front door for less than R100.

Going to the grocery store is no longer necessary thanks to technology and online stores. There are so many choices available and it seems like more and more companies are trying to cater to the increase in demand.

Will this end with COVID-19 or will companies continue to provide numerous delivery options? This will all depend on whether South African’s continue to buy groceries online when the lockdown ends or if they’ll return to brick-and-mortar stores.

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