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Who is Outsurance?

Outsurance was founded in 1998 offering household and car insurance to South Africans with the promise of ‘you will always get something out.’


Outsurance is about giving clients world-class service, creating a great workplace for their people, and contributing to society. While also delivering consistent returns for their shareholders.


The company is known for being affordable insurance that is straightforward and has no hidden surprises. This is due to their premiums being calculated to each client’s unique risk profile. 

Why Choose Outsurance - Not just Vehicle Insurance

Outsurance may have started out only offering car and household insurance but has since grown to include a number of unique and niche insurance services. They are insurance pioneers who offer :


      Car Insurance 

      Household Insurance

      Home Insurance

      Business Insurance 

      Travel Insurance 

      Portable items

      Pet insurance 


There’s a diverse range of insurance options that Outsurance hopes will cater to those who struggle to find an insurance provider. They hope to meet their needs at affordable prices with essential cover. All it takes is a quick online insurance quote and you’re covered.

Outsurance Vehicle Insurance

To protect one of your most important assets, Outsurance offers two different forms of car insurance to help suit your budget and needs.





The essential plan is for those on a budget or with older cars who still receive liability, theft and accident cover. 


Comprehensive ensures you are covered against pretty much anything, even if someone intentionally damages your vehicle. Although classic comprehensive does come with extra perks including:

      Outbonus with 10% cashback on premiums after 3 claim-free years 

      Help@OUT on call, with 24-hour roadside assistance 

      Low flat excess 

      Medical expenses covered for passengers

      Lost and stolen key replacement


For some advice, here are some automobile insurance questions that you need to know before you find car insurance.

Outsurance Life Insurance

Outsurance offers life insurance that allows you to insure yourself for long-term financial stability in the event that you pass away, become disabled or critically ill. It is to provide your loved ones with a means to look after themselves or put it towards a home or even education. 


The premiums are based on you and your risk factors, the lower your risk the lower your premium. Outsurance offers a 5-year premium guarantee where, no matter what, your premium will not change within the first 5 years. 


A perk is OUTbonus where if you haven’t claimed for 15 consecutive years, you receive 100% of the total paid premiums back in cash.


You can find out more here on how to buy life insurance online safely

Outsurance Travel Insurance

On-demand accidental death and injury cover is Outsurance’s version of travel insurance which gives you immediate cover when you need it for a specific event or time. 


This could be an overseas trip or adventure but with OUTthere you choose the level of cover you want and how long you want it to last.


The perk? 

      It is available immediately and only costs one small premium. 

      It is easily accessible via the OUTsurance app and can be purchased in 3 easy steps with you being covered straight away for up to 30 days.


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Outsurance Customer Reviews

Here’s what previous and current clients have to say about Outsurance Insurance

Marlon on Google Reviews

“Probably the best service I have experienced from an insurance company”


Francois on Facebook

It is my opinion that Outsurance is just looking for ways and means to avoid paying claims”

Ellen on HelloPeter

“Outsurance keeping their promise as they advertise”


Jacques on HelloPeter

“Friendly and honest customer service”

Lonecia on HelloPeter

“Unfair blacklisting”


J on HelloPeter

“Incompetence of Outsurance call center and management..again”

Outsurance Pros & Cons

>  Affordability – with a range of policies to suit all needs and budgets


>   App for immediate support – Provides you with a point of contact for all needs, including asking for Outsurance roadside assistance


>  Variety – Outsurance covers a wide range of items that you are able to take a policy out on from common vehicle insurance to more niche pet and portable items

>  Pushy agents – some agents can be extremely pushy and use aggressive sales tactics to sign you up as a client


Claims Service – It would seem that the service is hit or miss and depends mostly on the agent that helps you when it comes to making a claim


Spam – Once you sign up for one insurance policy, all other departments will call relentlessly to try and sign you up for other various policies


Overall, Outsurance offers a good product to suit a range of individuals so that they can have peace of mind when out on the roads. They also offer specific policies such as pet insurance, to create a more tailored experience. It has received an overall positive review who put their customers first and can be considered a reliable insurance provider. 

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