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Who is Sanlam Insurance?

Sanlam has a rich heritage with being founded in 1918. Sanlam has evolved from being only a traditional insurance provider to being a provider of financial services to both international and local markets.


Sanlam is currently a public traded company with a share capital being named as Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd on the JSE and Namibian Stock Exchange. During this period, a separate company named Sanlam Ltd was created as the parent company for all Sanlam group businesses. 


Sanlam currently has a presence in more than 10 African countries, Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland and others. 

Short Term Insurance

Sanlam offers a variety of insurance policies with their speciality being in personal insurance but also have offers for car and household insurance.


Labelled as “short-term insurance” by Sanlam, these are insurance policies for personal belongings such:

      Vehicle insurance 

      Household insurance

      All risk insurance


They also offer additional insurance policies for:

      Life insurance

      Funeral cover

      Income protection

      Disability protection

Car Insurance

Car insurance in South Africa has become somewhat of a necessity. Sanlam offers an insurance plan to cover your belongings under their short-term insurance policy which protects you against loss, theft or damage. 


They aim to provide you peace of mind by reducing the financial strain if something does happen to go wrong.


Sanlam offers:

      Comprehensive cover

      Limited cover

      Third-party cover


Comprehensive car insurance provides the best coverage of all the policies available and the limited cover policy option only provides third party, fire and theft. For car owners on a budget, the third party cover for your vehicle offers the best value for money insurance although it only covers your vehicle.


If this has persuaded you to explore joining Sanlam Insurance, this article on how to switch car insurance will be a helpful guide and you can even complete an online quote here for new car insurance.

House Insurance

Sanlam strives to make sure that you are correctly insured and only pay for the cover that is needed. Household insurance in South Africa is an investment with Sanlam offering two different cover options depending on your budget and preferences. 


These cover options include: 

      Full cover

      Limited cover


Full cover provides insurance protection for all contents that are inside the house with the limited cover option only providing protection for the contents that are outside of the house. 


If you are unsure about how to make a claim with your insurance company, this how-to guide on insurance claim procedures will be helpful.

Sanlam Rewards

Sanlam rewards is a programme for Sanlam clients, Sanlam Reality. A way of giving back to their clients and adding value to their lives by encouraging them to live healthier and more financially stable lives by providing incentives.


This is for all clients who take out any insurance policy, you are able to sign up for this programme and start making use of the benefits that are offered.


It is a lifestyle and rewards programme with access to special offers on:

      Selected Sanlam products

      Wellness, travel and entertainment


As well as the benefits above, you also are rewarded for financially responsible behaviour by earning tier points. The more points you earn, the higher your tier status and the larger your discounts become. 

Tier points can be earned for activities in 4 categories:


      Managing your risk

      Programme wealth

      Online wealth

Sanlam Insurance Reviews

To give the most honest feedback available, here are a few reviews on Sanlam Insurance and what their clients have thought of their service.

Olrac A on HelloPeter

“Sanlam is truly the best company in South Africa and in the world”

Jay Dee on Facebook

“ insurance company”

Mahlatse on HelloPeter

“Sanlam is the best their customer service is excellent”

Karen on HelloPeter

“Sanlam extremely bad service and no pay out”

Kasis on Facebook

“Worst insurance company ever. Never use it for travel insurance especially” 

Siphiwe N on HelloPeter

“Treated like a nobody” 

Sanlam Insurance Pro's and Con's

> Excellent financial services

> Over 100 years in providing life insurance

> Comprehensive rewards programme to give back to clients and promote smarter spending and healthier lives 

> Limited options for other insurance policies other than life insurance

> Customer service seems to be a consistent complaint

> Salesman chase commission over providing a valued experience

Overall, Sanlam is a good insurance company that has a century’s worth of experience in providing insurance to clients both locally and now around the world. Their policy options are limited with more expertise and support for some insurance policies than others. Sanlam still is a company worth receiving a quote from, especially with a rewards programme like theirs on offer.

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